Fish processing plants - design, equipment, technological and construction projects

Fish processing plants – design, equipment, technological and construction projects

Design, equipment, technological and construction projects

ForFish Company has years of experience in design and construction process of fish processing manufactures. All of tens and tens of projects has been approved by local Vet office or other local veterinary supervision.

We designed processing plants from the smallest ones – 26 tons per year to the huge plants with production capacity over 2000 tons per year.

Smaller fish processing plants are in common carp or trout objects near the fishing farms offering processed production from their own resources / production. The size of that objects oscillates oscillates between 250 – 500 m2 . Their main products includes fresh gutted fish( gutted, steak, fillet, carcass) in ice, MAP or vacuum. Bigger ones are also equipped with smokehouses and coolers.


On the other hand, the fish processing plants with area of 1000 – 8000m2 have the ability to produce virtually any type of ready to sell product. They are equipped in highly efficient processing lines dedicated to specific species of fish and the type of processing.

ForFish Company has extensive experience in all areas of developing, fish processing plants constructions,  fish processing itself. The proposed services also include crew training, factory equipment or consultation on product selling.

We can adjust and propose the perfect-fit project of different type on several stages of mechanization and automation of production process. Our services will meet all the requirements and expectations of the clients.  If you have any questions – please check the contact page.


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