African Catfish - RAS Fish Farming

African Catfish – RAS Fish Farming

ras fish farming catfish
Hodowla suma afrykańskiego w  basenach w adaptowanej na te potrzeby hali
African Catfish breading system in closed circut – RAS in adapted construction.

Breeding system in a closed circuit (RAS) for the African catfish can achieve gains of 600 kg each m2 of pond every year. The fattening time from 10-25g to 1.2 kg commercial fish should be closed within 6 months, so it seems logical to organize the breeding in such a way as to obtain twice the source from the same area per year.

Optimal breeding conditions for African catfish

African catfish is not considered a particularly demanding fish, but in the pools optimal living conditions must nevertheless be created in order to achieve the maximum effect

  • Providing oxygenated water to fish at an optimal temperature of 25-28 C.
  • Providing a constant circulation of water through the filter anaerobic biological without stagnation.
  • Smooth movement of young and fully formed fish.
  • Regular removal of sediment and other debris from swimming pools. Therefore, the clarity of the water will be ensured down to the bottom.

These are the principles of breeding the African catfish in closed circuits. And how it looks in the local environment in Africa (and this is not an anecdote).

In a typical backyard concrete tank with dimensions of 4m x 3m x 1.3m, 400 catfish fry weighing 5-15 g are dumped to water. Then 6 months feeding by feed imported from Europe.During this time, the water is changed once a week (more preventive people change the water even twice). Pumps and biofilters are not used at all. The production after 6 months is 300-600 kg of commercial fish, depending on the breeder’s skills. The price of live fish on the local market is between $3 and $5 / kg. (African catfish price in local market in Nigeria 2020).

This is a good omen for the development of breeding in Europe. After building the market for this species at the current conditions you can see what is the price threshold for this species. The breeding of African catfish seems to be a good long-term investment, both on the African and European market.

We have over 10 years of experience due to our previous projects in Europe and other continents.

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