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The ForFish company has experience in the preparation of the entire investment process. We prepare or realize:

Projects of fish processing plants

Equipment and devices for fish processing plants

Projects of breeding in closed circuits / RAS systems

African catfish breeding and processing projects

Fish hatchery project

Smokehouse designs

caviar icon

Caviar factories design

zander project

Zander and pikeperch RAS breeding and processing projects

Fish shop with processing facilities

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  1. What raw material do you have?
  2. What is the amount of raw material to be processed?
  3. What kind of finished product is right for you? (fresh fish, smoked fish, frozen fish, ready meals)
  4. Do you anticipate the adaptation of an existing facility? / Do you foresee construction of the facility from scratch?
  5. Enter the address of the expected construction / adaptation (or approximate location if you have not made a decision on the exact location).
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We approach each project individually, and the person who will contact you is the person responsible for your project.

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Over each layout we spend the right amount of work and hours, so that everything will be fine-tuned in every detail. Check us out!