FORFISH – Years of experience

CEO of the company - Adam Helis for many years he was the director of Fisheries Farm Wójcza Sp. z o.o., where he designed and built in the adapted building one of the first in Poland carp fish processing (operating until now). In 2009, after finishing the work in the Fish Farm Wojcza, the company FORFISH began its activities on a local scale, in 2014 to start a business in other European countries.

Nowadays FORFISH cooperates with clients from all continents and the remotest corners of the world!

Some of our projects

  • 2009

    Fishing farm Wilcza Wola

    Technological project of the processing plant, application documents for co-financing from the SOP Fish 2007-20015.
    Implementation of the object by the Investor

  • 2010

    Mazowiecki Okręg Wędkarski PZW

    Technological project of the processing plant, store and restaurant with environmental, veterinary, sanitary and health and safety arrangements

  • 2012

    Gospodarstwo Rybackie Lasochów

    Technological project with environmental, veterinary, sanitary and health and safety arrangements. Obtaining a water permit for special use of water.
    A complete building project with arrangements.
    Turnkey realization on behalf of the Investor.
    HACCP plan for the processing plant.

  • 2013

    Gospodarstwo Rybackie Polesie Sp. z o.o.

    Technological project with environmental, veterinary, sanitary and health and safety arrangements.

  • 2013

    Gospodarstwo Rybackie Krzywa Góra

    Technological project with environmental, veterinary, sanitary and health and safety arrangements.
    Realization by the Investor.

  • 2014

    UAB Vasaknos Lithuania

    Technological, construction project and implementation of investment fish processing plant with an area 500 m2.

  • 2017

    Investor from Kazakhstan

    Project for the Investor from Kazakhstan fish processing plant with processing capacity 2000 tons / year

  • 2017 / 2018

    For an investor from Algeria

    Preliminary project for an investor from Algeria, breeding of sturgeon in closed circulation, hatchery with a sublet for the needs of the facility, a caviar factory.

  • 2018

    UAB Birvetos tvenkiniai. Lithuania

    Fish processing project

  • 2019

    OOO Nukus Agro-Fish. Uzbekistan

    The African catfish processing plant project - 17 tons per day

  • 2019

    UAB Šalčininkų žuvininkystės ūkis. Lithuania

    800 square meters fish processing plant project

  • 2022

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