Who are we?

What we do on daily basis

Innovations and years of experience.

Taking advantage of the latest achievements in this field and many years of experience, we develop technological projects for fish farming with recirculation in closed circuits. Also our fish processing plant for all processing volumes from smallest ones to facilities processing thousands of tons per year.

architecture blueprints

Support of every stage of the investment

ForFish Company provides full and complex projects connected with processing and production industry. Due to years of experience We have abilities to provide support both lines - the project way ( technological projects, construction or technical documentation), but also equipment and even processes after the finalization of object.

How we do it?

Customer service process

What will our cooperation look like?



We have in mind your needs, which is why we discuss the scope of work in each project, dispel doubts and advise the best solution.

Our goal is efficient implementation of the project with attention to details.



We are able to perform any project - including technological projects, construction projects, software, business plans and applications for EU funding.



We carry out construction works (construction, programming, design and other -check our offer) based on the previous stages of the process.

If any of the assumptions of the project change - we will adjust the work progress.



Completion of works - depending on the type of project - signing of the object handover protocol, training of the crew in the operation of installations and equipment, processing technology or breeding. Advisory assistance in placing products on the market and managing the plant.

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Investment valuation
Verified suppliers

Equipment for industrial facilities

Due to our many years of presence on the market, we have the knowledge thanks to which we can offer you proven equipment and appropriate equipment for processing facilities. Processing equipment that we offer comes from the best suppliers in the market. We invite you to browse the catalog of equipment for processing facilities, in case of doubt, we are able to advise and choose the right equipment.

Detailed calculations

Free valuation of investment

We are aware that only a well-planned investment has a chance of success. For this reason, we have provided a special form that allows you to get an initial valuation of your idea at an express pace. For your convenience, we've also included a few questions that will help us with initial communication

Investment valuation
Made by professionals

AutoCAD Layouts

From scratch, redesign existing projects, developing new ones.

At the investor's request, we can prepare cost estimates of investment plans and documentation for obtaining a building permit not only in the scope of our basic interest. We are professionals in the field of developing 2D autocad documentation, eg for the needs of offer documentation, each drawing developed by us will take on a professional look.

Caviar factory

Exclusive product

Due to the unique combination of experience and knowledge, we are able to satisfy all requirements in the field of our activities in the field of design and construction of facilities, to the satisfaction of our customers. By taking into account the specific needs of the customer and his requirements, but in accordance with the art of engineering and fish welfare, we are able to ensure that the economic and technical requirements of each undertaking we undertake are met.

The scope of our activities
  • Technological projects of food production plants with particular emphasis on fish processing.
  • Caviar factory projects.
  • Construction projects of processing and breeding facilities.

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Fish farming in a closed circuit.

An innovative approach that ensures greater profits

Fish farming in the hall makes the process independent of weather conditions and the impact of pathogens from open waters. Thanks to a fully controlled environment it is possible to obtain optimal growth and spawning at desired times. The closed-loop cultivation system allows you to achieve fish mass increases of 70 kg from every m2 of water table per year.

Advantages of that system:
  • Providing oxygenated water to the fish at the optimum temperature.
  • Ensuring constant water circulation through a biological filter.
  • Regular removal of sludge and other environmental waste.
  • An automated system of feeding and monitoring environmental parameters.
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