Pike Perch/ Zander breeding in RAS

Pike Perch/ Zander breeding in RAS

Zander breeding is demanding due to the delicacy of these fish, so it is necessary to provide them with optimal living conditions. Thanks to the use of a water recirculation system (RAS), all environmental parameters can be fully controlled.

Water temperature, oxygenation level, feeding frequency and amount, and lighting can all be adjusted and optimized to provide the best breeding conditions. Mastering the technology of controlled off-season spawning makes it possible to maintain a constant production of commercial fish throughout the year.

The main objectives of the breeding facility are:

– Providing fish with well-oxygenated water at an optimal temperature.

– Maintaining continuous water circulation with a biological filter, eliminating anaerobic zones.

– Regular removal of sediment and other waste from pools.

In the case of commercial fish farming, the density in the pool can be as high as 80 kg/m², and the capacity under such conditions should exceed 90 kg/m² of water volume. Under optimal conditions, zander can reach a growth rate of 1.1 kg to 1.4 kg in 12 months. Zander breeding in a water recirculation system uses a recirculation cycle of up to 93%.

This solution is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows you to reduce the consumption of fresh water to just 7% of the total pool volume per day, while ensuring optimal conditions for the development and living of fish.


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