Fish processing plant project with yearly production 50 tons of final product

Fish processing plant project with yearly production 50 tons of final product

(Production capacity ~ 8000 kg fresh material  (i.e. carp ) per 8h of work daily)

Project developed with the assumption of labor market and set to maximizing mechanization of fish processing plant.

Small fish processing plan – project details

This project can be used with another carp-like fishes, out of the carp best selling period. It can handle most of fish genres like:  trout, Norwegian salmon, mackerel or others.  This fish processing manufacture project includes the processing plan with mechanization in carp / trout processing and handmade processing of trout including 10 workers.

Why this type of fish manufacture?

This project was specified to Polish market – where the peak on carp selling is in the December (Christmas Eve) and it’s prepared for period of 14 days, with declining human resources needed for simple operations – at this points automatization and mechanization due to fish processing plant machines is a way to process all the product on time.

This size of processing manufacture can handle 100 – 130 tons of fresh fish (depending on period of carp peak) and process it into:

Fillet – 48 000 – 73 000 kg (efficiency 0,56)
Fillet without bones with skin  – 37 000 – 56 000 kg (efficiency 0,43)
Filet without bones and skins – 32 000 – 48 000 kg (efficiency 0,37)
Gutted carp with head – 71 000 – 108 000 kg (efficiency 0,83)

Out of carp – season :
Smoked trout in hot smoke with head  / deheaded – 60 000 kg (efficiency 0,7)

Specification of object:

  • Construction size : ~ 500 m2
  • Equipment cost: ~160 000 Eur
  • Construction cost with installations: 374 000 Eur
  • IRR in 5 years period – 21%



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